Why we are different - A little history

Our company started as a wholesale company, manufacturing and reselling antique/estate jewelry and antique and estate jewelry reproductions. After seeing the decline in brick and mortar stores throughout the country and the increase in direct to consumers via online, I decided to branch off from our parent company and I started our online division where we sell the same items that you'll buy in the stores just for much cheaper.

After the decline in 2008, when our company took a big hit and I had to learn how to become a savvy shopper... It really bugged me to see how abused the jewelry market was... I knew how much the items cost to make and then I saw the markup the retailers were charging, I saw how challenging it was for young couples who wished to please their spouse but just had to settle for less than what they wanted once they heard the price. I, therefore, opened our online venue in order to offer all of those people an opportunity to buy what they think their spouse deserves without breaking the bank. Hence our motto became 'Same Quality-Better Prices'.

Our goal is to build our business from people who will truly understand the opportunity we are offering them, by making the same quality pieces available to them, but just at a price that they can afford without breaking the bank.

Because as the saying goes ' 1 happy customer is worth more than $10,000 worth of advertising' and it's those people who otherwise couldn't afford it, and then they get presented with an opportunity, who appreciate the opportunity the most and they're the ones who can save us thousands of dollars in advertising, which will help us accomplish our goal....

One of our biggest challenges is the fact that we are so cheap... Whenever something online is too cheap it always raises a red flag with buyers, who want to know what the catch is or what are they missing... Our goal is to get the word out to buyers that there is no catch and that they are not missing anything... we are really selling the same exact items, just at a much lower profit margin for us!

Another hurdle is, the trust hurdle because we are selling higher priced items, coupled with the fact that shoppers are not able to interact with us on a personal level, it takes trust in order for buyers to come through with a purchase... Please Feel Free to read our unedited and unsolicited Reviews written only by people who actually made a purchase from our shop and decide for yourself... 

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