Jewelry Throughout History

There is just something about a well made piece of jewelry that holds the eye. It is hard to put your finger on when trying to explain, but everyone sees it for themselves. Otherwise, we wouldn't use jewelry as the basis of one of our most important rituals: marriage. If you are as interested in jewelry as we are, you may enjoy this quick historical overview of jewelry from past cultures. The Mediterranean and Iran What do these two adjacent areas have in common? They both claim approximately the earliest extant pieces of jewelry from human civilization. The time of this jewelry's creation spanned between 3,000 and 400 BC. Unlike the masterful works of jewelry you'll see today, these pieces...

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Men's Guide To Finding An Engagement Ring

So, you have found that special someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. That is great news! But maybe you're still feeling uneasy because you still haven't found that perfect engagement ring to symbolize your love. Don't worry, you are not alone; there are plenty of guys in the same boat. Here, we have provided a handy guide for helping men choose the perfect wedding ring for their loved ones. Set a Budget First thing is first, you need to know your purchasing power before you start your search. While you may have heard the standard is 3 months salary, here at Jewelry Bargain we don't believe newly weds should have to choose between a...

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Why Pay More for a GIA Certified Diamond or Certified Diamonds vs Non-Certified Diamonds or Should I Pay More for a Certified Diamond?

EXCERPT Does it really matter if you buy a GIA certified diamond or settle for a gem, which is not certified? Should I really pay more for certified diamonds? It all depends on what you want. ARTICLE A diamond's sparkle may catch your eye. If your future wife really loves it, you will probably pay anything to make her happy. But, should you go with just any diamond or buy a GIA-certified diamond? Here are the reasons why it makes sense to buy a GIA-certified diamond.   Quality Assurance Benchmarks: Avoid Fakes You have heard the saying - "A diamond is a girl's best friend."  Why?  A diamond is both an investment in your relationship and your wealth portfolio.  See,...

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