The Dos and Don’ts of Engagement Ring Care

Congratulations! You have recently got engaged! More likely than not, your engagement period was the most romantic and special moment of your entire life. Not only are you committing yourself to the love of your life, but you get a fancy new engagement ring to wear every day that you can show off to your family and friends. When you have a beautiful and sparkly engagement ring it can be difficult to take your eyes off of it. As beautiful as it is, now that you have an engagement ring you are going to want to protect and care for it as much as possible. You may think of questions, like how am I supposed to care for this ring? Can I shower with it on? Can I work out with it on? Will I lose it if I’m not careful?

All these questions racing through your head can distract you from what’s more important: you are engaged and have a wedding to plan! To help you avoid worrying about caring for your new engagement ring, we, the engagement ring specialists at Jewelry Bargain, are going to help you answer some of the questions that are racing through your head about keeping your engagement ring protected, safe, and cared for. Check out our list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to engagement ring care.

DO: Get Your Engagement Ring Insured

The engagement ring you are now wearing on your left ring-finger was most likely a large purchase; one that would cause you to be very upset and sad in the unfortunate event that it became lost, damaged, or stolen. By getting insurance on your engagement ring you can rest assured that if anything ever happens to it, you will be covered and able to replace it with something similar, if not the same. Some newly-engaged couples will add the engagement ring to their homeowner’s insurance. Another common option is to use jewelers insurance from an insurance agency that is popular for offering specialized insurance options for jewelry, like your engagement ring.

Jewelry Bargain Tip: If you choose to ensure your ring with your homeowner's insurance, be sure the insurance covers the rings outside of the house as well as inside.

DON’T: Take your ring off when you’re out in public

Sure, when you’re newly engaged, there are going to be a lot of people — like friends, family, and coworkers —that are going to want to see your shiny new piece of hardware. However, taking off your ring in public, whether to show it to others or not, is one of the easiest ways to lose jewelry, especially when it's a piece as small as a ring. By taking your ring off in public, you increase the risk of accidentally losing it or leaving it somewhere. For the safest measures, always keep your ring on your finger until you are back home. Even then, try to keep your ring in the same place every time that you do take it off to reduce the chance of losing it.

DO: Take your ring off sometimes

While it is important to not take your ring off in public, it is also important to remember to take it off from time to time. Even though when you first get that shiny new rock it will be hard to remove off of your finger, you should take it off from time to time. Daily activities can put stress, like stretching the band to loosening the settings, on your ring. Try taking off your ring and putting it in a safe place when you sleep, lift heavy objects, and perform other strenuous activities to ensure that your finger is getting rest and your ring is staying protected.

DON’T: Wear your ring swimming

An easy way to lose your ring is in when the ring is most slippery on your finger, which is usually in the water. Because of this, it is important to take your ring off and store it in a safe area or place before swimming. Rings can easily slip off unnoticed while you are having fun in the water, and if it does so in large body of water, like a lake or ocean, it will likely be impossible to recover. In addition, wearing your ring in swimming pools and hot tubs are just as harmful as continuous exposure to chlorine can cause discoloration and damage to rings, especially white gold.

DO: Clean your engagement ring at home

A common question people with a new engagement ring ask is how to keep it clean at home. The answer to this question is quite simple! You can keep your ring clean by purchasing a new, soft-bristled toothbrush and having warm water and dish soap readily available. By brushing the ring in warm water with a little bit of dish soap will help remove built-up grime and dirt. Simply rinse the ring when you’re finished and you’ll be able to keep that rock sparkling and beautiful.

DON’T: Wear your ring when cleaning

When you wear your ring while cleaning your home, you’re not only risking stress on the ring by lifting and moving heavy objects, but the harsh chemicals in chlorine, acetone, and bleach can erode the metals in your engagement ring. Additionally, powder cleaners are made of abrasives that can scratch the ring’s metal.

DO: Have your ring professionally cleaned annually

Whether you bought your engagement ring in store or bought the jewelry online there are professional services available to clean, inspect,  and care for your engagement ring. These services will ensure that your ring is deep cleaned and examined to ensure the diamonds are secure. Every few years, you may want to consider getting your ring re-polished if it has picked up some scratches.


DON’T: Wear your ring to the gym

If you’re a fitness junkie, you may not think about how the risks of wearing your ring while working out. While physical activities like running and aerobics may not damage your ring, there are some workouts and exercises that certainly will. Activities like weight lifting are known to damage rings. The steel of weights is usually harder than both the platinum and gold used to make rings. Weights can end up denting the metal in the ring and distorting the shape, making it more oval than round. When the ring metal becomes damaged and distorted, it can potentially cause the prongs to loosen and allow the stones to fall out.

Proudly Show Your Ring Off

When you get that ring placed on your finger, you have every right to show that piece of hardware off! Engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment and is something that should be shared with the world! Show your family and friends, take pictures, and enjoy being engaged!

Hopefully these tips will be helpful in caring for your engagement ring. Simply by following these tips will help keep your ring looking beautiful and sparkly.

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