Popular Diamond Cuts Explained

Diamond Wedding Ring CutsYou want the perfect diamond engagement ring to suit the one you love; part of that is knowing which cut you want. Once you know that, you can pick the best one according to your significant other’s tastes. Here at Jewelry Bargain, we have many high quality, affordable diamond engagement rings available online today. In the meantime, here are some popular cuts explained to help you in making a decision.


The most prevalent type of diamond cut, 75 percent of all diamonds come in a round cut. This is most likely due to the fact that round cuts, unlike more complicated shapes, have the brightest reflection of light, making them superior to most of even the more expertly cut intricate shapes.


A square cut with a pyramid profile, the princess cut is the second most popular diamond cut. Despite only being around since the 70s, the princess cut is popular because it shows a different hue than other diamonds, which reflect brilliantly both in the center and corners, unlike other cuts where brilliance is concentrated only in the center.


The oval cut is very similar to the round cut, making it popular for its bright reflections. Because of its oblong shape, it also gives your ring the appearance that your diamond is bigger than it is. Many people choose an oval shape because of its sleek and modern look.


Known as one of the ‘brilliant cuts”, radiant diamonds have a square shape that is trimmed at the end. They are often used between other cuts (like round) for a truly dazzling display of light reflection. As the name suggests, radiant cuts are made to increase a diamond’s brilliance.


Cushion cuts have been around for a long time, almost 200 years. They are named because their square shape with rounded corners resembles a pillow cushion. Known for brilliance and clarity, their larger facets and curved corners allow for dazzling reflections

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