Men's Guide To Finding An Engagement Ring

So, you have found that special someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. That is great news! But maybe you're still feeling uneasy because you still haven't found that perfect engagement ring to symbolize your love. Don't worry, you are not alone; there are plenty of guys in the same boat. Here, we have provided a handy guide for helping men choose the perfect wedding ring for their loved ones.

Set a Budget

First thing is first, you need to know your purchasing power before you start your search. While you may have heard the standard is 3 months salary, here at Jewelry Bargain we don't believe newly weds should have to choose between a down payment on a house and an engagement ring. Our advice is to spend whatever you are comfortable with.

Get Her Ring Size

The next step is to get the ring size of your loved one. Chances are, you don't know it off of the top of your head. That's okay, but asking her will certainly ruin the surprise. Other alternatives are to sneak a ring from their jewelry box to find out the size, or trace it on a piece of paper. Even getting the wrong size isn't usually a big problem, as rings can be resized.

Decide on Custom vs Antique

Next, you'll want to choose whether to focus on custom or antique rings. Antique rings will likely be one of a kind, appeal to history buffs, have their own history, and are usually much cheaper than their newer counterparts. Modern custom rings, however, will have a much higher cost, although you'll have more detailed control in the final product.

Choose a Style

Now we are getting to the nitty-gritty of ring selection. The first thing you're going to want to do to narrow down your search is to decide what style your significant other would love best. Do they like sleek and modern or detailed and vintage? Opulent and and dazzling or reserved and understated? Once you know what they are looking for, the actual ring selection process can begin.

Choose a Stone

Your gemstone is like the centerpiece of your ring. It is what will draw the eye in, and is probably the biggest choice involved in selecting a ring. For a little perspective, 90 percent of rings contain a diamond gemstone, with sapphires having the second most use. If your loved one is at all conventional, one of these two stones will probably align with her choice. If not, an emerald or ruby might be your best bet.

Choose a Gemstone Shape

Once you know what kind of stone you want, it is time to pick the shape of the cut. For diamonds, round cuts are by far the most popular, making up about 75 percent of purchases. Round cuts often tend to be the most expensive. Other popular but less expensive cuts include the princess cut (a more squared look) and the cushion cut (squared, with rounded corners). Deciding on a shape is probably the hardest thing to glean from your loved one without cluing them in, but looking at their jewelry collection or asking one of their friends can give you a good idea.

Choose a Precious Metal

Finally, you need to choose what metal your ring will be made out of. The most popular choices for engagement rings include platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Platinum and white gold are the two most popular options. They both look the same, although platinum is about 50 percent more expensive due to its rarity and durability. As with your other choices, looking at their current jewelry preferences is a great way to get an idea for what they prefer. Make sure to ask any friends you can trust to keep a secret as well.


Hopefully these tips help you on your quest to find the perfect symbol for your love. Make sure to peruse our selection of wedding jewelry here at Jewelry Bargain; we've got some of the best prices on the market! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have. One of our representative will be happy to provide any answers you may need.